Frigidaire clothes dryer overheating and too hot to touch

Question: The top of my Frigidaire FSE747GES1 clothes dryer is too hot to touch and the top rear of it is scorched. I tore it apart last night and completely cleaned the entire route of lint from the lint collector in the front, all the way through the exterior house wall. After all the cleaning, the dryer is still too hot to touch after a few minutes of running: THIS MAY EXPLAIN OUR SUDDEN $180 MONTHLY ELECTRIC BILL!!!

Most all web posts related to overheating dryers point to an airflow problem, but we clearly don’t have that problem.

After reading a million web posts about dryers overheating, I’ve come to 2 possible conclusions:

1) The 240v heating coil is possibly grounding out (touching metal where it shouldn’t) and thus causing the element to be heated continuously because it also will bypass the safety thermostat?

2) Possible cycle thermostat failure?

I went through the schematic and parts list from the link  and can’t find any other thermostat, other than part #33 which appears to only be the safety one.

I need to crack this unit back open asap, but before I do, I was hoping to get info on the location of the operating thermostat and a price.

Answer: Here’s a link to the Clothes Dryer Thermostat you need. It’s located on the fan blower housing.

Frigidaire Dryer Thermostat

Frigidaire Dryer Thermostat

You may also have a problem with a grounded element. To read more about grounded elements, visit for a further explanation on Grounded Elements on Clothes Dryers.

Another reason your clothes dryer can be too hot to touch is due to clogged or blocked air vents. Clean any lint from the inner and outer ductwork. If your dryer can’t get rid of any excess heat or moisture, the heat will build up in the dryer drum, and becomes a fire hazard.

To find more Clothes Dryer Repair help, visit the free online clothes dryer repair help guides on

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