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Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher Model Number: GU2451XTSB1, works sporadically

February 25, 2010

Question: Hi, my two-year old Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher, Model Number GU2451XTSB1, works but only intermittently.  The light always light up and sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a series of tests to perform in order to figure out what parts to replace?

ApplianceJunk, Appliance Repair Help says:

If you remove the plate at the bottom of the dishwasher (kickplate). You should be able to find a tech sheet on the other side that will tell you how to test things.

Canadianapplianceparts Blog Says: Here are some other things that could be wrong with your dishwasher:

The door latch switch is a safety switch that prevents the dishwasher fromworking if it is defective. When working properly, the switch doesn’t allow power through it when the plunger is out, and it allows power when the plunger is in. If the plunger is broken or if the internal parts are not working properly, power is stopped at the switch and it needs to be replaced.

Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher, Model Number GU2451XTSB1

Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher, Model Number GU2451XTSB1

The timer and the selector switch are other possibilities. If one of these is defective, your dishwasher won’t operate normally, and the part will need to be replaced.

Running the dishwasher regularly may help prevent any seals from drying out and sticking. This includes the motor seals.

Visually inspect the wiring to see if any looks disconnected or burned. Repair or replace as necessary.

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Whirlpool Washing Machine Leaks through the door during the wash and rinse cycles

February 18, 2010

Question: I own Whirlpool Washing Machine, Model # DU930PWKQ0 (Whirlpool Silent Partner 2) and recently the door began to leak heavily at the bottom. I have checked the seals, the door latch, cleaned the inner door, inspected all lines and simply cannot find the reason for the leaking. The door is designed with a steam vent at the bottom and the bottom proper is an overhanging lip which apparently is meant to seal well enough to stop a leak during operation. What can be wrong?

Answer from ApplianceMan: Here are some things you can check in order to find out why your Whirlpool Washing Machine is leaking:

  • When leaking is it more than a half inch of soapsuds on top of the water? If so, you have a problem with soap entering the tub that shouldn’t be there. Make sure there is a high loop in the drain hose so that soap cannot enter the tub from the sink.
  • Check the holes in the wash arm to see if they are plugged up, causing the water to spray under the door. Clean out the holes.
  • Check the wash arms for any holes that shouldn’t be there, it may be causing water to stray under the door. Sometimes the heating element will cause a hole to burn in the wash arm, if this is the case, replace the wash arm.
  • The wash arm may be loose causing water to spray out from under it instead of through it.
  • Some times water will leak through the soap cup. You will have to take the door apart and look for evidence of this happening.

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Should I buy a top loader or front loading washing machine?

February 5, 2010

Saw this on CTV News last night, “Top or Side? Should you go with a top or side-loading washing machine?” You can watch the video online, of course, but to summarize:

Top- loading washing machines are cheaper to purchase, but front-loading washing machines will save you money throughout the lifespan of the appliance because it uses less water and removes more water from your laundry during the finally spin cycle. Less water means shorter dryer times equals greater savings.

Consumer Reports, the agency that tested over 71 types of washing machines, estimates that decreased drying times will save the average household $130 a year.

Watch the video to see which brands and types of clothes washer were considered a “best buy”.

Front-loading washing machines sometimes have a foul smell associated with using them. This can be caused by mold growing in the gasket or seal of the machine. Wiping your gasket down monthly and leaving the door ajar after each load will help prevent this. If you still have problems, try a HE Washing Machine Cleaner like Affresh™ Washer Cleaner or WasherFresh to get rid of smelly washing machine odors.

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