Bad smell coming from Amana Refrigerator

Question: My 10 year old Amana Refrigerator has the smell of a wet dog, specifically on the exhaust. We pulled it out and confirmed its coming from the back exhaust. We cleaned out the fridge and vacuumed out the coils and the areas I could reach in the back. Everything I have read is pointing to the drain pan having something nasty in it. Unfortunately, the drain pan is inaccessible. Any ideas on how I can get some cleaning solution in it to kill what might be growing in there?

You should be able to access your refrigerator’s  drain pan (also referred to as an overflow pan, drip tray, evaporator tray) by removing the front grill plate of your refrigerator and sliding out the pan. Take it to your sink and wash it with a mixture of warm water and bleach and then dry. Before replacing the pan, clean the grille/kickplate plate and clean around the area with a condenser coil cleaning brush or other soft brush. Sometimes this area can attract a lot of pet hair and dirt.

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  1. Nick Says:

    I am designing an outdoor bbq kitchen in Alberta Canada with an installed fridge for condiments and beer. It gets really cold here in the winter, at least -30C.

    Will a standard mini bar fridge work?

    Is there a special category of winter outdoor refrigerator to look for? (with a heater maybe, for those -30C days when it would be a tragedy to have the beer freeze… ?

    It also is common to have +10C days in the winter here.


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