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Bad smell coming from Amana Refrigerator

March 22, 2010

Question: My 10 year old Amana Refrigerator has the smell of a wet dog, specifically on the exhaust. We pulled it out and confirmed its coming from the back exhaust. We cleaned out the fridge and vacuumed out the coils and the areas I could reach in the back. Everything I have read is pointing to the drain pan having something nasty in it. Unfortunately, the drain pan is inaccessible. Any ideas on how I can get some cleaning solution in it to kill what might be growing in there?

You should be able to access your refrigerator’s  drain pan (also referred to as an overflow pan, drip tray, evaporator tray) by removing the front grill plate of your refrigerator and sliding out the pan. Take it to your sink and wash it with a mixture of warm water and bleach and then dry. Before replacing the pan, clean the grille/kickplate plate and clean around the area with a condenser coil cleaning brush or other soft brush. Sometimes this area can attract a lot of pet hair and dirt.

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Danby Dishwasher spray arms do not move or spray water

March 16, 2010

I have a Danby Dishwasher, model number ddw1805w, it fills, heats, and the dial moves, but it doesn’t wash and the spray arms do not spray any water. Any suggestions?

Answer: First, always unplug your appliance or disconnect power before working on it.

Make sure that nothing is blocking the sprayer arms. Some models of dishwashers have an alternating sprayer arm washing system. What this does is cycle the washing action between the lower sprayer arm and the middle sprayer arm. The cycle begins with the lower arm spraying first, then switching over to the middle sprayer arm, and back again through-out the washing cycle. The sprayer arms will pause as they switch over from one to the other, making it sound like the sprayer arms aren’t turning.

If you’re sure that the arms are not turning at all, open the dishwasher and verify that nothing is blocking the sprayer arm rotation, and that there is water in the bottom of the sump covering the filter area.

Try removing the bottom spray arm, pump cover and secondary filter assembly to clean out the area. Sometimes food particles and debris gather here.

Check the holes in the dishwasher’s spray arms to make sure that they are not blocked up. Sometimes food particles can block the spray arm holes.

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Whirlpool Clothes Dryer WED5100VQ not spinning and belt not broken

January 11, 2010

Question: I have a Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number

WED5100SQ0 and when I set the timer the heating element turns on, however, when I hit the start button the clothes dryer does not tumble. I checked the clothes dryer belt and it is fine. There is no noise when I hit start button on my clothes dryer and it does not turn on or start. What can be wrong?

Answer by, Appliance Repair Advice

Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number WED5100SQ0

Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number WED5100SQ0

It sounds like a problem with the motor or motor switch. A start switch is mounted on the front of the motor. It could be stuck in the “run” position because the heater element should not have power unless the motor is running and that motor switch is tripped.

I would take it apart and see if the motor has a lot of lint build-up around it making the start switch stick.

View repair diagrams for a Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number WED5100SQ0

View replacement parts for a Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number WED5100SQ0

More Canadians choosing to repair than replace their appliances

November 11, 2009

Today’s blog headline comes from B article, “Canadians Hang on to Their Fridges, ‘Beaters,’ in Slow Recovery” and it makes sense especially when you consider Canada’s economic downturn that started last year.

The article quoted appliance shop salesman Ben Miller of Prince George, British Columbia, as saying, “Most people are willing to repair rather than buy new because they don’t have the money.”

It seems this repair than replace mentality is also prevalent in the U.S.  Bob Harlacher, an appliance parts store manager in Bronx, N.Y. for 30 years  said that he has noticed more people buying replacement parts and repairing their old appliances due to new appliances becoming more expensive.

“The price of (new) appliances has also gone up, so maybe that’s making people repair them more. I deal a lot with (appliance) mechanics and this is something that that have noticed and told me.”

According to the Bloomberg article, Canadians are taking advantage of temporary tax credits for home renovations. Michael Rowe, chief financial officer of Home Depot’s building- product Canadian unit, said customers are more drawn to items in his store that will get them a tax break.

If you need to make an appliance repair, a good place to start is online. Look for websites that provide how to repair help and forums where you can post your appliance repair questions.

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GE Electric Oven won’t broil, but burners all work

October 26, 2009

I have GE Electric Oven Model Number JGSP23WEY5WW. The broil works just fine, but the oven does not heat at all. All 4 burners work just fine as well. Is this something simple to fix,
or do I need to call a professional, or do I throw the oven out the door?

Well don’t throw the oven out until you have checked it out. It could be an easy fix.

First, check the timer control and make sure the oven is not in the automatic cleaning cycle. If your oven has an option for choosing Delay-Cook or Delay-Start, make sure that this feature is not currently running. Some ovens have a lock-out feature. If this is selected, your oven will not work until it is de-selected.

Next, test the heating element for continuity. A burned out heating element if often the cause for an oven not baking or broiling and it’s a part that is easy to replace.

Following that, you’ll want to check the common wiring, selector switch, and thermostat. Sometimes there are screw-in fuses that control the current to the bake and broil elements. These are usually 30 amp fuses, one for each element. Consult your owner’s manual for their location, and replace as necessary. If you do not have your owner’s manual, check this website for appliance diagrams for repair help purposes. Just enter your appliance’s model number and you will be presented with inside diagrams of your appliances, as well as an appliance part’s list according to your appliance’s model.

Look over the heating elements to see if there is any bubbling, burnt spots, or broken spots in the element. If there is, you will want to replace the element.

Why doesn’t the oven bake or broil, but the top burners are still working?

Do it Yourself projects gone horribly wrong

October 1, 2009

Next time someone nags you about an appliance repair, point them to the website, “There, I Fixed It.” to show them that quality repair work takes time and that there’s a right way and a wrong way to git ‘er done.

Seriously, this site is better than Bob Vila.

The WRONG way to provide your home with air conditioning

The First Refrigerator Air Conditioning System

The First Refrigerator Air Conditioning System -

With a little tinker, cardboard boxes, duct tape and a household fan, you too can have indoor air conditioning

Well that’s fine, but what about fixing the air conditioning in your car? Easy!

Car air conditioning - generator powered!

Car air conditioning - generator powered! -

Refrigerator parts? We don’t need no stinkin’ refrigerator parts, not when we have duck tape!

And one more that is my favorite, a  clever way to turn a car accident into an artistic statement.

I like to think of it as art. -

I like to think of it as art. -