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Whirlpool Clothes Dryer WED5100VQ not spinning and belt not broken

January 11, 2010

Question: I have a Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number

WED5100SQ0 and when I set the timer the heating element turns on, however, when I hit the start button the clothes dryer does not tumble. I checked the clothes dryer belt and it is fine. There is no noise when I hit start button on my clothes dryer and it does not turn on or start. What can be wrong?

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Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number WED5100SQ0

Whirlpool Electric Clothes Dryer, Model Number WED5100SQ0

It sounds like a problem with the motor or motor switch. A start switch is mounted on the front of the motor. It could be stuck in the “run” position because the heater element should not have power unless the motor is running and that motor switch is tripped.

I would take it apart and see if the motor has a lot of lint build-up around it making the start switch stick.

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Gas in Kenmore Gas Clothes Dryer turns on and off, loses heat

December 11, 2009

Question: My Kenmore Gas Clothes Dryer, Model number 11072822101, cycles on and heats normally for about 5 – 10 minutes but when the gas cycles on it goes for about 10 seconds and then stops. After about   break a minute it then tries again. During this time the dryer tumbles and the blower blows normally, just no heat. I have opened up the dryer and cleaned it out and suspect that I must change out some sensor, but I don’t know which one to replace.

Answer: There are two small coils on the gas valve. There is a good chance that one of them is getting hot after awhile and stops working. Then after it cools down for a bit it works again.

The coils can be bought in a set and should both be replaced at the same time. Sometimes you can run the dryer until it stops heating, then feel the coils to see if one of them is getting hot or if you have an ohm meter, test it.

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Frigidaire clothes dryer overheating and too hot to touch

November 10, 2009

Question: The top of my Frigidaire FSE747GES1 clothes dryer is too hot to touch and the top rear of it is scorched. I tore it apart last night and completely cleaned the entire route of lint from the lint collector in the front, all the way through the exterior house wall. After all the cleaning, the dryer is still too hot to touch after a few minutes of running: THIS MAY EXPLAIN OUR SUDDEN $180 MONTHLY ELECTRIC BILL!!!

Most all web posts related to overheating dryers point to an airflow problem, but we clearly don’t have that problem.

After reading a million web posts about dryers overheating, I’ve come to 2 possible conclusions:

1) The 240v heating coil is possibly grounding out (touching metal where it shouldn’t) and thus causing the element to be heated continuously because it also will bypass the safety thermostat?

2) Possible cycle thermostat failure?

I went through the schematic and parts list from the link  and can’t find any other thermostat, other than part #33 which appears to only be the safety one.

I need to crack this unit back open asap, but before I do, I was hoping to get info on the location of the operating thermostat and a price.

Answer: Here’s a link to the Clothes Dryer Thermostat you need. It’s located on the fan blower housing.

Frigidaire Dryer Thermostat

Frigidaire Dryer Thermostat

You may also have a problem with a grounded element. To read more about grounded elements, visit for a further explanation on Grounded Elements on Clothes Dryers.

Another reason your clothes dryer can be too hot to touch is due to clogged or blocked air vents. Clean any lint from the inner and outer ductwork. If your dryer can’t get rid of any excess heat or moisture, the heat will build up in the dryer drum, and becomes a fire hazard.

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