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Danby Dishwasher spray arms do not move or spray water

March 16, 2010

I have a Danby Dishwasher, model number ddw1805w, it fills, heats, and the dial moves, but it doesn’t wash and the spray arms do not spray any water. Any suggestions?

Answer: First, always unplug your appliance or disconnect power before working on it.

Make sure that nothing is blocking the sprayer arms. Some models of dishwashers have an alternating sprayer arm washing system. What this does is cycle the washing action between the lower sprayer arm and the middle sprayer arm. The cycle begins with the lower arm spraying first, then switching over to the middle sprayer arm, and back again through-out the washing cycle. The sprayer arms will pause as they switch over from one to the other, making it sound like the sprayer arms aren’t turning.

If you’re sure that the arms are not turning at all, open the dishwasher and verify that nothing is blocking the sprayer arm rotation, and that there is water in the bottom of the sump covering the filter area.

Try removing the bottom spray arm, pump cover and secondary filter assembly to clean out the area. Sometimes food particles and debris gather here.

Check the holes in the dishwasher’s spray arms to make sure that they are not blocked up. Sometimes food particles can block the spray arm holes.

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Too much detergent can ruin your appliance

March 15, 2010

Easy there on that detergent, you don’t need that much and you could be destroying your appliance, according to  the article “For the Dishwasher’s Sake, Go Easy on the Detergent,” from the

Using too much laundry or dishwashing detergent can shorten the lifespan or your machine, cause your dishwasher or washing machine to break down and doesn’t produce cleaner dishes or clothing. Dishwashers and Washing Machines made today use less water and on top of that, detergents for these machines come in more concentrated forms.

“Too much detergent can make your clothes stiff and shorten the life of your machine. An excess of soap can also cause a buildup of mold and mildew,” said Jill Notini, a spokeswoman for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, a trade group as quoted in “For the Dishwasher’s Sake, Go Easy on the Detergent,” New York Times.

“Too much soap is also a problem in dishwashers and can cause dishes and glasses to look filmy. Again, check the detergent container for recommended amounts — you definitely don’t have to fill up the entire soap container in the dishwasher,” said Vernon Schmidt, who has been a repairman for almost 35 years and is the author of a self-published book, “Appliance Handbook for Women: Simple Enough Even a Man Can Understand.”

For more appliance care tips, read the entire article online:  “For the Dishwasher’s Sake, Go Easy on the Detergent,” New York Times.

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Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher Model Number: GU2451XTSB1, works sporadically

February 25, 2010

Question: Hi, my two-year old Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher, Model Number GU2451XTSB1, works but only intermittently.  The light always light up and sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a series of tests to perform in order to figure out what parts to replace?

ApplianceJunk, Appliance Repair Help says:

If you remove the plate at the bottom of the dishwasher (kickplate). You should be able to find a tech sheet on the other side that will tell you how to test things.

Canadianapplianceparts Blog Says: Here are some other things that could be wrong with your dishwasher:

The door latch switch is a safety switch that prevents the dishwasher fromworking if it is defective. When working properly, the switch doesn’t allow power through it when the plunger is out, and it allows power when the plunger is in. If the plunger is broken or if the internal parts are not working properly, power is stopped at the switch and it needs to be replaced.

Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher, Model Number GU2451XTSB1

Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher, Model Number GU2451XTSB1

The timer and the selector switch are other possibilities. If one of these is defective, your dishwasher won’t operate normally, and the part will need to be replaced.

Running the dishwasher regularly may help prevent any seals from drying out and sticking. This includes the motor seals.

Visually inspect the wiring to see if any looks disconnected or burned. Repair or replace as necessary.

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Rid your dishwasher of smelly odors

December 23, 2009

New Affresh™ Dishwasher Cleaner is your once-a-month solution for

Affresh™ Dishwasher Cleaner, new once-a-month solution for Dishwasher Odor

Affresh™ Dishwasher Cleaner, new once-a-month solution for Dishwasher Odor

smelly Dishwasher Odors.

Simply add an Affresh tablet to your dishwasher and Affresh will penetrate and dissolve any foul odors from your dishwasher, leaving your dishwasher smelling fresh for up to a month. Each package contains 6 tablets and is recommended by such notable dishwasher makers as Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

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Maytag Dishwasher no longer cleaning very well

November 5, 2009

Dishwasher Repair Question: My Maytag Dishwasher, model number MDBD880AWB is going on about 6-yrs of age, and it now fails to do a thorough cleaning of dishes and glasses. The unit will run through the wash cycle just fine, but will not clean. At first, I thought that it might be the orifices in the spray arm, and I cleared each one of them with a tooth pick. Still not cleaning. What else could be wrong?

Answer: One of the first things I check on any dishwasher with a complaint of clean-ability is water softness.

If you do not have soft water then your dishwasher soap will not work properly. The hard water build up also does not do the water pump and other parts of the dishwasher any good. You might want to try a Dishwasher Cleaner that removes mineral build-up, rust and calcium deposits to see if that improves your dishwasher’s cleaning ability.

Even if you have a water softener it may not be working correctly or you may simply be running out of soft water before you run the dishwasher.

There are test strips you can by to test your water softness.

If after checking your water softness and your dishwasher is still not cleaning properly, here are some other factors to consider:

Loading: Loading is very important to a good cleaning. Load so that you don’t block any sprayer arms, and distribute the dishes so that they all get sprayed by the wash water.

Water temperature: The temperature should be at least 49C, and up to about 65C. Most dishwashers will pause while they heat up the water to the proper temperature. If your unit is hooked up to the kitchen sink, you may want to run the faucet for a few seconds to ensure that the water entering the dishwasher is already hot.

Detergent: It is very important to use fresh detergent, so keep it fresh and dry. You can store it in an airtight container. Many manufacturers recommend discarding old and lumpy detergent as it may not dissolve fully, and may leave a gritty residue. Using the right kind and amount of detergent is also very important to getting dishes as clean as possible.

Rinse aid: The use of a Dishwasher Rinse Aid like Jet-Dry Rinse Agent can help to keep dishes spot-free and keep dish drying time down.

If you noticed unsightly stains or smells coming from your dishwasher, try a Dishwasher Cleaner like Glisten, or affresh Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Cleaner which you can use to clean both appliances.