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Holiday meal preparation: baking and thawing

December 7, 2009

Emergency calls to appliance repair shops increase during the holidays due to the fact that more people are using their ovens to cook holiday meals and goodies. However, having an oven emergency December 24 is not practical as most repair shops can’t get the parts that you need.

One tip to avoid this type of emergency is to try cooking a batch of brownies in your oven. If the brownies come out fine, your oven is working properly.

If the brownies come out undercooked, here’s a few things that can be wrong with your oven:

Why doesn’t my electric oven bake?

Why does my electric oven temperature seem too hot or not hot enough?

Why is the electric oven temperature incorrect?

Why is my gas oven not baking?

A guide to freezing food (and saving money)

Many people love to save money by stocking up on food items that go on sale and freezing it for use at a later time.

The Washington Post has an excellent guide to freezing food which you can print out via PDF and post on your freezer or in your kitchen as a reminder.

Here are some tips from the story:

For faster freezing:

  • Set your freezer to the lowest setting several hours before adding large amounts of foods to the freezer.
  • Space items and packages out evenly, don’t stack them.

Thawing Frozen Items

In the refrigerator: allow one whole day for four pounds of poultry and a one-pound package of meet, two or more days for roasts, steaks or ham.

In cold water: Submerge food in a leak proof bag in a bowl of cold water. Allow 30 minutes per pound of whole poultry and one hour per pound of small packages of food.

In the microwave: Rotate and break up item into individual pieces to allow even thawing.

In the Oven: Add 50 percent additional time to the recommended cooking time of that item.

See the entire article online here, “The Big Chill: A Freezer Guide.”


Kenmore brand electric oven display not working right

September 29, 2009

Please help! I have a Kenmore brand electric oven, model number C880662020L0. The problem is the arrow for the temperature to go up is not working after 175 degrees. What part do I need?

Answer: Even though the brand on your electric range says “Kenmore” your oven was actually built by another manufacturer, in this case, Inglis made your electric range. It sounds like you will need a new clock timer and to order this part in Canada call 1-800-287-1627. Appliance part specialists will look up the correct part you need according to your electric range’s model number. To find the model number on your electric range, view this page.

Do you have other issues with your electric oven or range? Here are some repair solutions to common electric stove problems:

Oven doesn’t bake – how to solve

September 25, 2009

Oven doesn’t bake – how to solve

Thanksgiving is about two weeks away and that means you will be using your oven once again to cook turkey and other tasty dishes. Here’s what to check if your gas or electric oven doesn’t bake.

Gas oven does not bake.

Check the timer controls. An automatic cycle setting could be preventing the oven from lighting. If you have an electronic display, try unplugging the oven to reset the controls.

Most gas oven systems today use an electronic ignition to ignite the gas flame in your oven.  An electric current will pass through the ignitor and the ignitor in turn allows the gas safety valve to open. It does this by heating an internal piece of bimetal to open the gas valve.

Most times when an oven won’t bake, it’s because the bake ignitor has gotten weak or it’s just burned out. The ignitor is a small round or rectangular device located near the burner. The ignitor is wired in series with the gas safety valve.

If this ignitor is weak or burned out, it won’t heat enough to lower its resistance to the point where the bi-metal strip gets enough electricity to heat up and allow the gas safety valve to open, and it will not release gas to the burner assembly. When this happens, you may have to replace either the ignitor or the gas safety valve. Many times it’s the ignitor that is to blame, and cheaper to replace.

Gas Ignitors come in two basic types, ‘flat’ and ‘round’, and these parts are not interchangeable, so make sure you are ordering the correct part for your oven. You can do this by looking up parts by your Gas Oven’s Model number. The part list will show you the correct parts you need for your particular gas oven model.

Electric oven does not bake

Check the controls and make sure the delay-cook or delay-start options are not running. Some ovens have a lock-out feature and the oven will not work until this feature is unselected.

The most common reason for an oven not to bake is that the heating element is burned out. Check the bake element for continuity with an Ohm meter or simply look at the terminal ends for signs of corrosion. Look for obvious signs of burning, bubbling, or blistering on the element itself and replace the bake element if you see any signs of damage. A properly working element glows cherry red.

Read more about why electric ovens do not bake online here:

Is your gas or electric oven having other issues such your electric doesn’t the oven bake or broil, but the top burners are still working or your gas oven oven bake or broil, even though the top burners still work? Find more oven repair help online at