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Frigidaire Washing Machine belt keeps breaking, what is causing this?

September 9, 2009

Question: I have a Frigidaire Gallery brand washing machine, model number GLWS1233AS2, that is 1-5 years old. I replaced the belt a few months ago and it just broke again! What can be causing this? Is it the pulley that is the problem?

Answer: Be sure you are using the correct belt on this style of washer. There are several different belts for this model depending on which model and year clothes washer you have. The belt is a cloth belt which slips in the spin mode and acts like a clutch.

Frigidaire Gallery brand washing machine belt GLWS1233AS2 - $21.99

Frigidaire Gallery brand washing machine belt GLWS1233AS2 - $21.99

Other possible reasons causing the belt to burn off:

  1. Rusty motor pulley. Residue from burning belt must be cleaned off thoroughly from the motor pulley.
  2. Spring adjustment-must allow the belt to slip and act as clutch when getting up to spin speed.
  3. Something stuck in the clothes washer’s pump.
  4. Drain hose obstruction. The drain hose must be clear and allowing the water to clear machine properly. The rubber backflow flapper in the drain might be giving it some problems. Check this and make sure it is not the cause of your problem.
  5. Do not try to pump water higher than five feet.
  6. Water siphoning from the washer and washer agitating dry.
  7. Warped and wobbling transmission pulleys.
  8. Tight center bearing. Replaced along with belt and water seal kit. Something between the tubs causing drag on the wash basket. This would also cause slow draining problems that could burn the belt.
  9. These washers are known for the transmissions locking up in agitation and cooking belt…turning transmission pulley will free it again (like installing belt) and it will work for a couple loads….look at the transmission carefully.

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