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General Electric Clothes Dryer Squeaks

September 10, 2009

Question: My GE Clothes Dryer, Model Number: dclr333gt1ww, still squeaks after I replaced the little drum tabs. Where else should I look to solve this problem now?

GE Clothes Dryer, Model Number: dclr333gt1ww,

GE Clothes Dryer, Model Number: dclr333gt1ww,

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For GE Clothes Dryers that squeak, listen to the noise carefully, a slow or fast noise can help point you in the direction to look for the trouble maker.

Slow squeaking or scraping noises: Check the front glides (there are 2 of them to change) or the rear bearing area, the rear bearing sleeve is inside the middle of the heater housing and the shaft part is attached to the back of the drum.

For help taking apart older GE Clothes Dryers, visit

For other types of clothes dryers:

Check the parts that support the Clothes Dryer Drum:

  • the center spindle that supports the clothes dryer drum,
  • drum support rollers (it is recommended that the whole set be replaced at the same time)
  • clothes dryer belt

Often times these parts wear out from normal wear and tear and simply need to be replaced. For example, a center spindle often supports the clothes dryer drum. This spindle may be a ball-and-socket support, or it may be a shaft inside a sleeve. When these component bearings get worn out, they may make a squealing or rubbing sound. Replace this bearing when it gets worn out.

HowStuffWorks has some good, generic, instructions on how to repair and replace dryer drum rollers.

Other causes for a noisy clothes dryer:

Sometimes the Clothes Dryer’s blower wheel gets clogged with lint and it simply just needs to be removed. Other times the blower wheel wears out and needs to be replaced.

Check inside the drum and make sure nothing is loose inside of it.

Remove the lint trap and look below the lint trap holder for any loose items that may have slipped through the cracks.

Clothes Dryer maintenance and repair kit. Avail. for $29.95

Clothes Dryer maintenance and repair kit. Avail. for $29.95

Make it easy on yourself, purchase a clothes dryer repair kit and get everything you need: 4 tri-rings, 2 support rollers, an idler pulley, a multi-rib belt, a clip, and instructions all for under $30 (not including tax and shipping.) It works on Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Roper, and other brands of dryers.