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GE Electric Oven won’t broil, but burners all work

October 26, 2009

I have GE Electric Oven Model Number JGSP23WEY5WW. The broil works just fine, but the oven does not heat at all. All 4 burners work just fine as well. Is this something simple to fix,
or do I need to call a professional, or do I throw the oven out the door?

Well don’t throw the oven out until you have checked it out. It could be an easy fix.

First, check the timer control and make sure the oven is not in the automatic cleaning cycle. If your oven has an option for choosing Delay-Cook or Delay-Start, make sure that this feature is not currently running. Some ovens have a lock-out feature. If this is selected, your oven will not work until it is de-selected.

Next, test the heating element for continuity. A burned out heating element if often the cause for an oven not baking or broiling and it’s a part that is easy to replace.

Following that, you’ll want to check the common wiring, selector switch, and thermostat. Sometimes there are screw-in fuses that control the current to the bake and broil elements. These are usually 30 amp fuses, one for each element. Consult your owner’s manual for their location, and replace as necessary. If you do not have your owner’s manual, check this website for appliance diagrams for repair help purposes. Just enter your appliance’s model number and you will be presented with inside diagrams of your appliances, as well as an appliance part’s list according to your appliance’s model.

Look over the heating elements to see if there is any bubbling, burnt spots, or broken spots in the element. If there is, you will want to replace the element.

Why doesn’t the oven bake or broil, but the top burners are still working?