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GE Refrigerator icemaker produces ice, but no water

September 15, 2009

Question: My GE Refrigerator, model number gss25wgph, produces ice, but no water is coming out. I use to hear the switch engaging, but now – nothing. Could this be a switch problem, and is it hard to change?

Answer: The first and easiest thing to check is your refrigerator water filter. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your water filter, chances are, it needs to be replaced.

Water filters can become blocked over time. To test this, simply remove the water filter and see if you get water. Sometimes it is necessary to pull the filter out of the feed line to see if water is flowing from the exit of the filter into the refrigerator or freezer. You can do this over a bucket to catch any dripping water. Some models have a filter bypass plug to help determine if the filter is clogged. If so, you would remove the filter and replace it with the filter bypass plug. Now test your water flow.

It is possible the switch is bad. To access the switch, remove the dispenser panel by prying it off from the bottom. Inside that housing is the switch which you can test with an Ohm meter to see if it’s bad. These switches usually don’t go bad very often however.

The most common thing that will cause this is that the line inside the door is frozen. To check this, remove the coupling at the bottom under the door then attempt to dispense water if water comes through the line the line is frozen inside the door. To fix this, reconnect the line then open the door and press the door-switch and then press the lever to dispense water repeatedly until water comes.

GE makes a heater that will prevent the water filter line in your refrigerator from freezing (part number is WR49X10173.) You can purchase this GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Heater part from, since they offer shipping to Canada.

Also if when you attempt to get water the entire refrigerator seems to cut off (fans, compressor and all) and the lights dim the main board is bad.

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