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Ideas for your next kitchen renovation

October 19, 2009

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next kitchen renovation or remodel, here are a few helpful articles.

Consider your lifestyle, more might be less

If you have a small kitchen, considering reclaiming some space by putting appliances underneath counters.  This article from, “Size matters in the kitchen” talks about some options for those looking to conserve or work in a small space.

Drawer appliances, Asian influences, and recycled products

The has a good article looking at the latest trends in kitchen design to inspire you. According to the article, “9 hot trends to make your kitchen sizzle, “says that some of the top trends are drawer appliances (refrigerators, dishwasher and yes, even microwave ovens), using materials made from recycled products, and Asian-inspired designs.

The overlooked kitchen range vent hood

The, has an excellent article on range vent hoods, why they matter, how they should be set up by Mike Holmes. The article, “Can your kitchen fan take the heat?” says that it is important that you have a properly working and vented range hood.

“Never exhaust into the attic or soffits or crawl space. I’ve come across situations where the kitchen fans vent into the attic; this is a really bad idea. First – the last thing you want to do is allow hot, moist air up into your attic space, especially in winter. It will lead to ice dams, mould, rot – and a world of trouble caused by condensation. “

For more tips, read the rest of the article here: