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Bad smell coming from Amana Refrigerator

March 22, 2010

Question: My 10 year old Amana Refrigerator has the smell of a wet dog, specifically on the exhaust. We pulled it out and confirmed its coming from the back exhaust. We cleaned out the fridge and vacuumed out the coils and the areas I could reach in the back. Everything I have read is pointing to the drain pan having something nasty in it. Unfortunately, the drain pan is inaccessible. Any ideas on how I can get some cleaning solution in it to kill what might be growing in there?

You should be able to access your refrigerator’s  drain pan (also referred to as an overflow pan, drip tray, evaporator tray) by removing the front grill plate of your refrigerator and sliding out the pan. Take it to your sink and wash it with a mixture of warm water and bleach and then dry. Before replacing the pan, clean the grille/kickplate plate and clean around the area with a condenser coil cleaning brush or other soft brush. Sometimes this area can attract a lot of pet hair and dirt.

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My refrigerator/freezer in my garage does not work

January 21, 2010

Question: I have read about the issues of a freezer not working in a garage as the temperature drops. We just went through a very cold spell (minus 30 degrees C most days) and the freezer stopped working (the fridge part seemed to continue working properly). As the temperature rises, will the freezer begin to work on its own again, or have we permanently damaged it?

Answer: Possibly, although time will tell if you have damaged your refrigerator. Refrigerators are not designed to be in cold areas. If the temperature goes too low, you will cause excessive wear on the compressor.

If you  decide to leave a refrigerator in your garage  all winter, you should turn it off, clean it out, and leave the door slightly ajar. This will help prevent mold and mildew from accumulating in the refrigerator.

For our friends that live in places where is only occasionally drops below 10 Celsius  (but remains  above freezing) and they might want to keep their  refrigerators humming,  with a  Garage Refrigerator Kit.

The Garage Refrigerator Kit is a  heater kit designed for Top-Freezer-No-Frost refrigerators. The kit supplies a little bit of heat so that the refrigerator portion of your appliance detects an increase in ambient temperature, signaling that more cold air  is needed from your freezer. Cold air is then produced in your freezer, keeping frozen items frozen and  keeping refrigerated items at their proper temperature.

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More Canadians choosing to repair than replace their appliances

November 11, 2009

Today’s blog headline comes from B article, “Canadians Hang on to Their Fridges, ‘Beaters,’ in Slow Recovery” and it makes sense especially when you consider Canada’s economic downturn that started last year.

The article quoted appliance shop salesman Ben Miller of Prince George, British Columbia, as saying, “Most people are willing to repair rather than buy new because they don’t have the money.”

It seems this repair than replace mentality is also prevalent in the U.S.  Bob Harlacher, an appliance parts store manager in Bronx, N.Y. for 30 years  said that he has noticed more people buying replacement parts and repairing their old appliances due to new appliances becoming more expensive.

“The price of (new) appliances has also gone up, so maybe that’s making people repair them more. I deal a lot with (appliance) mechanics and this is something that that have noticed and told me.”

According to the Bloomberg article, Canadians are taking advantage of temporary tax credits for home renovations. Michael Rowe, chief financial officer of Home Depot’s building- product Canadian unit, said customers are more drawn to items in his store that will get them a tax break.

If you need to make an appliance repair, a good place to start is online. Look for websites that provide how to repair help and forums where you can post your appliance repair questions.

For appliance parts in Canada, carries new brand-name parts for all major household appliances and ships across Canada.

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Save Money: Keeping a full fridge lowers your energy bill

November 3, 2009

You would not think so, but it’s true; a full refrigerator lowers your utility bill.

How? When the refrigerator is fully stocked, less cold air is lost each time you open the door. Plus the food that is already cooled/cold helps cool new room-temperature foods when placed inside the refrigerator –it helps to even out the temperature.

Experts say that the Celsius settings for your refrigerator should read between two and seven degrees Celsius, with four degrees Celsius being the optimum level.

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GE Refrigerator icemaker produces ice, but no water

September 15, 2009

Question: My GE Refrigerator, model number gss25wgph, produces ice, but no water is coming out. I use to hear the switch engaging, but now – nothing. Could this be a switch problem, and is it hard to change?

Answer: The first and easiest thing to check is your refrigerator water filter. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your water filter, chances are, it needs to be replaced.

Water filters can become blocked over time. To test this, simply remove the water filter and see if you get water. Sometimes it is necessary to pull the filter out of the feed line to see if water is flowing from the exit of the filter into the refrigerator or freezer. You can do this over a bucket to catch any dripping water. Some models have a filter bypass plug to help determine if the filter is clogged. If so, you would remove the filter and replace it with the filter bypass plug. Now test your water flow.

It is possible the switch is bad. To access the switch, remove the dispenser panel by prying it off from the bottom. Inside that housing is the switch which you can test with an Ohm meter to see if it’s bad. These switches usually don’t go bad very often however.

The most common thing that will cause this is that the line inside the door is frozen. To check this, remove the coupling at the bottom under the door then attempt to dispense water if water comes through the line the line is frozen inside the door. To fix this, reconnect the line then open the door and press the door-switch and then press the lever to dispense water repeatedly until water comes.

GE makes a heater that will prevent the water filter line in your refrigerator from freezing (part number is WR49X10173.) You can purchase this GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Heater part from, since they offer shipping to Canada.

Also if when you attempt to get water the entire refrigerator seems to cut off (fans, compressor and all) and the lights dim the main board is bad.

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Refrigerator Icemaker Repair Tips.

Maytag Refrigerator leaking water with every 12 hour defrost cycle

September 8, 2009

Water pooling inside the bottom of refrigerators, usually under the crisper or vegetable drawers, is a common problem most often caused by a blocked drain hole or a crimped/blocked drain tube. The water comes from melting of frost from your refrigerator’s freezer, which is melted during defrost cycles.

The water then flows down a drain system, usually from a hose that takes it outside of the refrigerator, and into a drain/overflow pan. This pan has many names: drain pan, condensing tray, overflow tray, evaporator pan, but they all serve the same function, as place holding place where water from the freezer is caught and held until it evaporates naturally.

Question: A couple of weeks ago my freezer began leaking water out the bottom of the door. I have a 10 year old Maytag Plus Refrigerator. The water drips into the bottom of freezer side and some freezes at the bottom, the rest runs out the door and onto the floor. This happens every 12 hours when it goes thru the defrost mode. Any suggestions? Is there a special part I need for my Maytag  Refrigerator?

Answer: A clogged/restricted defrost drain will allow the water to spill out inside and create these problems.

Your first task is to locate the drain tube using the diagrams for your refrigerator. Locate the diagrams for your refrigerator here, by entering your refrigerator’s model number. (Don’t know your refrigerator’s model number? This page tells you where to look on your refrigerator in order to get it!)

Usually the drain tube runs outside the back of the refrigerator. However, some refrigerators makers, like Whirlpool (which also makes Kenmore Brand Refrigerators,) have the drain tube inside the walls of the unit, making it difficult to access.

To fix this, clear the obstruction in the drain tube: here are some good, cheap and easy ways on how you can do this:

Also, the drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator can overflow, or become cracked, which can lead to water leaking on the floor.  Luckily if this happens, you can order a replacement drain pan for your refrigerator.

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