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Whirlpool Cries Foul at Foreign Competitors

September 7, 2012

Whirlpool American manufacturing under attack

Keeping in line with their previous claims, Whirlpool spoke with “The Courier” about the practice of “dumping” and how it is hurting their American sales, which they fear will hurt their overall sales internationally. Whirlpool has a significant presence in America, and therefore competitors like LG and Samsung have stepped up their game in order to beat out Whirlpool’s prices. This is not a new song being sung by Whirlpool, but considering this is the third time they have filed complaints, it seems that there is an extreme sense of urgency regarding their foreign competitors.

Who cares? We all should. Whirlpool is still the largest appliance manufacturer in the world and if “dumping” is truly occurring, it does not simply mean that a big corporation will crumble. It means that you, the consumer, will suffer overall. For those that are not aware, the practice of “dumping” is just about as lovely as it sounds. “Dumping” occurs when foreign competitors will sell products at much lower prices than their competitors, however their prices become unfair because they are selling them from different countries with different labor costs, leaving American manufacturing in the dust.

This needs to be seen in the eye of the “snowball effect.” Simply put, if Whirlpool is truly the victim of “dumping” than the industry, which is an international one, will suffer causing international sales to suffer. This perverse lack of competition is not the proper way to under-cut a competitor, and it leaves much to be desired for the consumer. “Dumping” occurs simply to steal customers, weaken one’s competitor, and then raise prices once that competitor is out of business.

Essentially, we need to become aware of where we are buying our products from. It seems so exhausting and possibly trivial to even care however we are in an age where a continued pattern of actions can have lasting effects in the decades to come, with those lasting effects being ones we don’t exactly enjoy. Stay sharp, folks, and keep educating yourself on these practices and just where you are buying your product from.


Whirlpool Washing Machine Leaks through the door during the wash and rinse cycles

February 18, 2010

Question: I own Whirlpool Washing Machine, Model # DU930PWKQ0 (Whirlpool Silent Partner 2) and recently the door began to leak heavily at the bottom. I have checked the seals, the door latch, cleaned the inner door, inspected all lines and simply cannot find the reason for the leaking. The door is designed with a steam vent at the bottom and the bottom proper is an overhanging lip which apparently is meant to seal well enough to stop a leak during operation. What can be wrong?

Answer from ApplianceMan: Here are some things you can check in order to find out why your Whirlpool Washing Machine is leaking:

  • When leaking is it more than a half inch of soapsuds on top of the water? If so, you have a problem with soap entering the tub that shouldn’t be there. Make sure there is a high loop in the drain hose so that soap cannot enter the tub from the sink.
  • Check the holes in the wash arm to see if they are plugged up, causing the water to spray under the door. Clean out the holes.
  • Check the wash arms for any holes that shouldn’t be there, it may be causing water to stray under the door. Sometimes the heating element will cause a hole to burn in the wash arm, if this is the case, replace the wash arm.
  • The wash arm may be loose causing water to spray out from under it instead of through it.
  • Some times water will leak through the soap cup. You will have to take the door apart and look for evidence of this happening.

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