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Free bottled water day or Bottled Water Free Day?

March 11, 2010

Today is “Bottled Water Free Day”, a day meant to raise awareness amoungst Canadians of the environmental impact that bottled water has on the environment. However, one bottled water company has turned the day into a way of marketing their bottled water.

According to an article appearing on the, “Cedar Springs, based in Concord, Ont., gave away four 11 L or 18 L glass bottles of water to people who called and asked for them. The company even offered to deliver the bottles to the callers’ homes.”

The article goes on to quote Noah Stewart, National Deputy Chairman of the Canadian Federation of Students, as saying, “We’re calling on schools to ban the sale of bottled water and re-invest in water fountains.”

According to the article, “Municipalities and school boards across the country have implemented restrictions on bottled water.”  This follows a trend in the United States as well, esp. amoung government agencies looking at ways to cut costs. Many government agencies no longer pay for bottled water being delivered to their offices or being offered at government meetings and events.

A May 2009 article from, quotes a report by the Polaris Institute and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Nova Scotia that says, “The Canadian government spent over $7.2 million of public money to purchase bottled water over the past three years.”

The article goes on to say, “Bottled water has a large environmental footprint. The energy and oil required to produce a plastic bottle is equal to one third of the volume of that bottle, and then the bottles are trucked around the country resulting in greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, millions of these bottles end up in landfills each year.”

Are you celebrating Bottled Water Free Day by not purchasing or drinking bottled water or would you rather take up the offer of free bottled water from the Cedar Springs Company?  Do you feel your tap water is safe? Do you use a water filter at home?

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